Delivery Principles



Our approach is aimed at accelerating and sustaining change.  In addition to working on commercial strategy, process performance and skills, we also help managers to work on the underlying attitudes and behaviors that impact the bottom line – what we call the Growth Mindset of the organization, or team.

Our delivery approach is based on the latest research into; how people really learn, what really motivates behavior and the requirements of effective change.  Here are some of the key ingredients of our delivery approach:

asg group change model


Change Model – Our approach is grounded in a model of change and in particular the requirements of accelerating change. The model is a step-wise process of engagement and commitment building which ensures maximum success.  Inherent is a virtuous cycle of assess – agree – execute – an agile process involving ongoing review and adjustment.



Results Based Learning Principles – An expert with a slide deck is not what most teams need in order to develop their confidence, potential and skills. Rather we enable teams and individuals to take responsibility for finding solutions to their challenges and for their own learning – this is supported by our library of best practice tools and resources.  Our delivery is based on the application of Action Learning principles in the business environment – an approach we call Results Based Learning.




Strategic Conversations Methodology – Research shows that the ability of teams to have an effective dialogue regarding performance and potential is a important source of competitive advantage.  A key pillar of our approach is to facilitate such an open and honest dialogue within teams.  This ensures people are more committed to and accountable for change.




Focus on Execution – The ability to execute with speed and know how on key priorities is an essential ingredient of competitive success.  Yet implementation is a common point of failure for many initiatives, projects and strategies.  Our approach is aimed at building a rhythmic disciple and focus around execution.




Coaching Methodology – We engage our clients in coaching-style conversations aimed at clarifying what success is and how it is to be achieved.  We help managers and teams to gain increased clarity, confidence and focus around what they want and what their business needs.  But we don’t just have ‘nice conversations’ – we respectfully challenge our clients in respect of possible blind spots, or limited thinking.

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