Accelerating win rates

Want to advance key deals in your pipeline?

We provide managers and teams with the tools and insights to advance at-risk or stalled deals.  The process builds pipeline and deal confidence by up to 30%.

We work with sales people (either as individuals or teams) to:

– Pin-point any impediments to the sale / early warning signals

– Draw attention to missing information or false assumptions

– Map and plan stakeholder access and engagement

– Ensure that no step is skipped in the application of your sales process / best practice

– Help the seller to clarify buyer requirements and understand the buyer’s next steps

– Guide the seller in building a more compelling proposition (incl. addressing issues, such as; economics, risk and strategic fit for the buyer)

– Provide a unique ‘insider view’ of what must be done to win the sale, including the requirements of getting the purchase sanctioned.

The ASG Group - Top 5 Global Sales TrainingWhat makes our approach different and so particularly effective is the new levels of insight into the way modern buying decisions are being made.

Our ‘Opportunity Clinics’ are powerful workshops that help sellers to predict their buyers next steps and thereby improve pre-qualification, forecasting and closing.