Senior Executives – Accelerating Growth


We get management teams working to accelerate growth with the intensity and focus of a pitcrew. Our analytics, workshops and programmes backed by the latest science and psychology.


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We help CEO’s to accelerate strategy and performance.  In the process we engaging multiple perspectives on growth, incl. Finance, Operations, Customer Support and other departments.  That is in addition to the primary revenue generating functions of sales and marketing.


Accelerating Performance

You believe that your organization could grow faster, but how?


We help managers & teams to identify and exploit hidden growth potential of between 12% and 25%.  The approach, used across 47 countries, is called; The Growth Pitstop™.

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Accelerating Your Winning Strategy

Got a winning strategy?  We help managers to accelerate the process of reviewing or revising their strategy for growth.


Compared to traditional methods, our approach deliver a better strategy and execute it in half the time. Based on the latest research into strategy setting & change management the approach is called The Growth Pitstop™.

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Accelerating Management Development & Coaching

We provide managers and their teams with new insights, tools and frameworks to boost their performance and skill sets.  That includes professional coaching to enable managers to reach their full potential.


Because today’s growth agenda is cross-functional we work with all key business functions that either directly or indirectly impact on performance.

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Our approach, called The Growth Pitstop™, leverages the latest scientific research, powerful analytics and cognitive psychology:

performance potential unlocked