• The ASG Group Chosen As Trainer On Medical Technologies Sales Diploma

    The ASG Group Chosen As Trainer On Medical Technologies Sales Diploma

    The ASG Group’s Ray Collis has been retained to deliver the sales module of a NUI Diploma In Sales & Marketing For Medical Technologies starting in Sept. 2013. 

    The Diploma has been developed by the IMDA and Life Sciences Skillnet in conjunction with National University of Ireland Galway.

    The new Diploma covers topics including; the medtec innovation process, regulatory affairs, consumer and buyer behavior in addition to sales and marketing.

    If you or your company are interested in the programme you can download the brochure here.



  • Looking For Sales Assessment Tools?

    Looking For Sales Assessment Tools?

    Assessments are increasingly popular among sales managers and their teams.  But many sales assessment tools are more focused on defining the problem, than identifying the solution.  That is important to keep in mind if you are looking for a sales assessment tool.

    The ASG Group’s assessment tool called SellerNAV™ is not just a symptomatic diagnosis. It does not just tell you that you are faced with poor conversion rates, longer sales cycles and stalled deals. These are the symptoms and identifying them is not enough if you are not told what you can to do about them.

    Want a sales assessment that looks beyond the problem to the solution?

    SellerNAV™ diagnoses the underlying causes of the challenges faced by your sales team. It looks beyond symptoms to focus attention on what needs to be done.

    Yes it will indicate if people are not doing enough sales leads or meetings to meet their target, it will also tell you people see as the conversion rates at these and other stages.  But SellerNAV™ goes further – it will:

    – Tell you how many; leads, meetings, opportunities, etc are required to fill any particular sales gap.

    – Pin-point the strategies that will deliver the results you need and will actually calculate the impact that specific improvements could have on your sales number.

    To find out more visit our SellerNAV™ website or contact us.


  • Are You Selling Change?  The Strategies You Will Need

    Are You Selling Change? The Strategies You Will Need

    Does your solution promise to change your customer’s world?  If so beware!  Change is not easy and it could present a significant hurdle to winning the sale.

    On our research portal Buyer – Seller Insights we have published some of the latest research into the change process behind buying decisions.  It is called ‘Selling Change’ and you can see it by clicking here.

    Most importantly we offer a dozen strategies for the seller to help the customer to embrace change (and thereby advance the sale).  Click here to view these strategies.

    Today we have a new understanding of the dynamics of change and in particular why it can be so difficult. The seller who can leverage this new knowledge can greatly boost his, or her sales success.

  • Sales Performance Solutions – Have You Got One?

    Sales Performance Solutions – Have You Got One?

    In 2014 the sales performance management (SPM) industry is likely to top 10 billion in value. That means you could be missing out!

    The SPM industry that has been in the press a lot recently. The mounting hype around the sector has been fueled by acquisitions by such big names as; IBM, NICE, Oracle, Callidus and others.

    The SMP industry is important because it’s fast growth suggests that if you are not using its solutions, then your competitors may be.  That might given them the advantage they need and limit your potential for growth.

    Defining The SPM Industry

    The SPM industry’s boundaries can be a little confusing – that is partly because it is new, expansive and growing. Analysts define it to include software and systems ‘to help sales organizations better structure, motivate & guide sales capacity to achieve higher revenue, as well as meet profitability goals’.

    While SPM solutions have yet to reach the mass market, you don’t want to be the last to adopt them. Indeed, you want to have them before your competitors do.

    Whether it is for the management of incentives, territories, or key accounts, sales analytics, sales training – the range of sales performance management solutions is getting better year on year. These tools are also more visibly demonstrating their contribution to sales performance.

    New Exciting Areas Of The Market

    One particularly interesting area of the market is the entry of Talent Management software companies into the sales space. They are coming targeting sales organizations with a clear message – we can deliver an extra 10% to the top line.

    In support of these figures they present somewhat sobering data regarding sales force turnover, the failure rate of new hires and the level of under-performance among sales teams.

    Our Role In The Market

    The SMP excites us greatly (and in particular where it intersects with the Talent Management space). That is because of our SellerNAV sales performance solution is primed to benefit from the sectors fast growth.

    SellerNAV® is an innovative sales performance management solution, that helps managers and their teams identify and exploit hidden sales potential of between 7 and 12%.  To find out more click here, or contact us.

  • A Sneak Peak At Our Next Book

    A Sneak Peak At Our Next Book

    TidalWave Selling – our next book – has been in development now for well over a year.  Soon it will be due for publication and we believe it will cause quite a stir.   To get a sneak preview you can download an abstract by clicking here.

    We presented key parts of TidalWave Selling message to an audience of 40 seasoned salespeople in a low key event recently and the reaction was great.

    ‘ A real eye-opener…’

    ‘It enabled me to put a name on some of the trends that I have seen happening among my customers and to understand what is really motivating them.’

    ‘These trends are certainly happening among our customers – that is for sure.  However, what I found most interesting about today (the TidalWave Selling presentation) was the focus on how these trends can play in the salesperson’s favor – that is if he’s ready for them’.

    ‘At first I thought – I am not selling to big organizations, nor am I selling to organizations that are sophisticated about procurement.  This made me realize that the companies that I sell to will have to adopt some of these practices if they are to survive and grow…’

    ‘I found myself beginning to think like a professional buyer – to see the world from their perspective – the challenges they face, the metrics they use and so on.  It gave me a much better understanding of what makes the buyer tick and as a result how I can sell more effectively to them…’

    To get a sneak preview of the topics that TidalWAVE selling will address you can download an abstract here.  We believe that as much as 80% of the content and topics in the book will have been published for the first time in any sales book.

    TidalWave Selling marks another landmark in The ASG Group’s ongoing research into the trends in modern buying that matter to sellers.  This research is key to the methodology that underpins the SellerNAV™ sales performance mapping solution.  More of this research can be see at Buyer Insights.

  • Reducing The Billions Wasted On Sales Training

    Reducing The Billions Wasted On Sales Training

    In the United States alone, companies that sell business-to-business spend between $4 and $7 billion on sales training, according to Dave Stein or ES Research, a company that studies the sales training market. However, the results are clearly mixed.


    As Nancy Martini put it in the recently published ‘Scientific Selling’ book ‘much (and even most) of the huge expense is wasted’.  At The ASG Group we are committed to ensuring that our clients get the maximum return per dollar spend on sales skills development, coaching and training.

    The Prime Cause Of Waste

    In Nancy’s words: ‘The failure to correctly diagnose exactly what’s not working in the sales process, sales training and sales technology are only going to make a bad situation worse.’

    ‘Without precise knowledge of exactly where a team or an individual is failing, then throwing technology and training into the mix is a little like a doctor giving a sick patient a random collection of drugs…’


    Maximizing The Return On Training

    The ASG Group’s SellerNAV® sales performance solution helps sales managers to identify the precise skills needs of each member of their team.   Moreover, it quantifies the impact on sales of improvements in the areas highlighted.  For more information on SellerNAV® please click here, or please contact us.

  • A New Investment In Buyer Insights

    A New Investment In Buyer Insights

    We have just completed a significant investment in our Buyer Insights web portal containing the latest research into changes in corporate buying and their implications for sales success.

    The re-vamped Buyer Insights website includes:

    • Improved mobile browser capabilities
    • Lots more eye-catching images 
    • Additional video content
    • More social and sharing features
    • Easier to use menus and improved search facilities
    • We have also updated the sites logo.

    Of course it is not just about looks – we have also added lots of new content.

    For example, as a result of repeated inquiries we have published more of our buyer psychology research, including:

    We have put our 3D Selling Framework (always a key part of our sales performance software) at the core of the site

    Now at version 3.1, Buyer Insights has been in existence since 2009. – its content is read by approximately 40,000 people per quarter and is syndicated widely.  It has two roles:

    – To provide a window onto some of the science behind our sales performance solution SellerNAV (used by sales managers and teams to identify and exploit hidden sales potential of 7-12%).

    – To expand and improve the dialogue between buyers and sellers, and in particular providing the sales community with a better understanding of the new realities of modern buying



  • The ASG Group Launches: SellerNav® -The GPS for B2B Sales

    The ASG Group Launches: SellerNav® -The GPS for B2B Sales

    SellerNav® – The GPS for B2B Sales Launched at the Sales Institute Summer Skills Series
    Dublin – July 11th 2013 – The ASG Group announced today that it launched SellerNAV: The GPS for B2B Sales to help sales team create more star performers, increase sales and reduce the level of risk around sales targets.

    “Our customers are looking to find new ways to improve sales performance while building upon their existing talent management and sales performance tools” said John O’ Gorman CEO of The ASG Group.

    New Product Launch

    It is not easy being a sales manager/director right now with research suggesting that up-to 62% of B2B sales people do not reach their targets. “SellerNAV® addresses this pressure. It allows a manager link a change in process behaviour to an impact on the bottom line. SellerNav® will operate at the intersection of two critical areas of B2B sales; sales performance improvement and talent management “said O’ Gorman.

    “SellerNav® is the culmination of over three and a half years of work said Ray Collis. According to Collis, early releases of SellerNAV® have been fine tuned and validated with over 1100 sales people from some of the largest sales organisations in the world, including 2 NASDAQ listed sales organizations and teams from one of the top 10 professional engineering firms in the world.

    About SellerNAV

    SellerNAV® allows managers, sales people, as well as professionals that sell, to set their sales target as the destination, see the steps that are required to achieve it and the potential roadblocks along the way. The cloud based application generates a unique profile of each salesperson’s sales performance and potential in the form of an interactive sales map.

    Imagine that a sales manager/sales executive could go to google maps and type in, not an address, but a sales target (be that a team target or a sales person’s target). And then get directions on where to go and how long it would take to get there with the potential behavioural and process roadblocks highlighted on the way. That is exactly what SellerNAV® does.

    John O’ Gorman, CEO of The ASG Group, said, “SellerNav is a game changer for teams selling complex high value solutions. It has the proven ability to provide the link between Sales Process Change (that is methodology agnostic), Performance Improvement, Talent Management and impact on revenue results. Our experiences to date show this tool has the potential to impact revenue results of anywhere from 7-12%”.

    For more information about SellerNav: Visit www.sellerNav.com

    About The ASG Group

    The ASG Group works with sales teams in some of the world’s largest companies, including:

    • Global Top 5 Software Company
    • Global Top 5 Customer Engagement and Loyalty Provider
    • Global Top 10 Consulting Engineering Firm
    • Global Top 10 Electronics Manufacturer

    In these organizations we work with VPs of Sales, CSO’s, Sales Managers/Directors, Business Development Directors and Practice Leads to accelerate sales performance and deal outcomes. We are recognised as specialists in helping sales team who face increasingly complex buying processes, centralised procurement and competitive tendering to advance key opportunities. SellerNav® is the latest product developed in conjunction with our clients.

    For More Information About The ASG Group visit www.theasggroup.com

    Or Contact Ray Collis at + 353 1 620 57 87

  • For Buyers Everyday is Independence Day

    For Buyers Everyday is Independence Day

    Another Independence Day has come and gone.  However, with each passing year buyers are becoming increasingly independent and self-contained.  That can present challenges to the traditional sales organization.

    Over on our buyer research site, called Buyer Insights, John O Gorman just published some reflections on the new age of the independent and in control buyer.   Citing research of great relevance to sales, he points out that the sense of losing control that is experienced by many sellers may have a surprisingly positive up-side.

    Click here to find out more.




  • Join Us At The July Sales Institute Event

    Join Us At The July Sales Institute Event

    The ASG Group’s John O Gorman speaks at the Sales Institute’s July Event.  The event is FREE and John’s participation is part our ongoing commitment to sharing its research with the broader sales community.

    In his session John will examine the types of information sellers are being denied and how this information can be accessed to help unlock deals in your pipeline.

    From research findings, critical information is missing in as many as 5 out of 10 of deals in your pipeline. That alarming finding is based on current assessments from sellers of approximately 11,000 opportunities.

    Sellers are being asked to prepare accurate forecasts and close deals while at the same time key information is being withheld from them.  You can read about the research at our Buyer Insights online library.

    To book a place at the Sales Institute Event please click here.



  • Join Us For Citrix Webinar Series

    Join Us For Citrix Webinar Series

    The ASG Group’s Ray Collis is joining Craig Elias (Trigger Event Selling) on this month’s Citrix Webinar Series.  The title of the webinar is:

    3 Steps to Closing MORE DEALS & Getting BETTER REFERRALS

    Here is the link if you’d like to join us.

    Learn how to leverage sales tools to differentiate yourself, become a decision maker’s logical choice & get referred to sales-ready decision makers.

    Attend this live interactive webinar to learn:
    • Which sales 2.0 tools deliver the greatest impact
    • How to turn initial interest in to sales momentum
    • How to prevent your competition from being called
    • How to analyse your wins to get sales-ready referrals

    Ray Collis heads up The ASG Group’s celebrated Buying Decision Research Practice and is co-author of The B2B Sales Revolution and Quick Win B2B Sales.

    Ray is the editor of Buyer Insights – a library of buyer research available to all members of the sales community.

  • New Methodology Challenges The Challenger Sale

    New Methodology Challenges The Challenger Sale

    As you know The Challenger Sale created quite a storm last year, culminating in a controversial article claiming that Solution Selling was dead.  Well, the debate rages on.

    Fast forward 24 months and RAIN Group is Challenging the Challenger methodology with the same fate as endured by Solution Selling.

    We were asked by the authors to comment on the Rain Group’s research and you will find our response on our Buyer Insights portal by clicking here.

    Sales methodologies once ruled supreme for decades, however the winds of change are now blowing. The lifespan of new ideas in selling is getting shorter and that is probably a good thing.
    Image By Steve Trigg from Brisbane, Australia (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Featured In Business Week Section

    Featured In Business Week Section

    The ASG Group’s John O Gorman featured in the The Independent’s Business Week writing on the subject of  ‘asking for the order’.

    In the article John explains that

    ‘Some sellers display a surprising reluctance to ask for the order. Others are not so shy, but ask for the order in a way that can put the buyer off. ‘

    Click here to to download a pdf of the article from the newspaper.  You can see the original article as published on Buyer Insights here.


  • Working With Big Blue

    Working With Big Blue

    We have just added the U.S.’s 2nd largest corporation to our client list. A company that is:
    #1 company for leaders (Fortune)
    #1 green company worldwide (Newsweek)
    #2 best global brand (Interbrand)
    #2 most respected company (Barron’s)
    #5 most admired company (Fortune)
    #18 most innovative company (Fast Company)

    Yes, you guessed it, IBM. We are part of the 2013 IBM University for the EMEA Region – a gathering of over 1,200 inside sales representatives. Indeed, we are one of just a chosen group of external experts to participate in this year’s event.

    As part of what is one of the largest corporate gatherings of sales people held anywhere in the world, we will be delivering seminars on the new realities of modern buying and in particular its implications for unlocking stalled deals.

    We have been working with managers in IBM over the past number of months to understand the issues facing their customers, the challenges facings its sellers and the potential to drive mutually beneficial value using our 3D Selling Framework. The result is a fast paced high intensity workshop tailored to the organization’s industry and brand sales teams.

  • Our Buyer Research Wins More Awards

    Our Buyer Research Wins More Awards

    The ASG Group’s buyer research as published on its Buyer Insight’s portal continues to win awards. In December and January alone, our articles and insights were to be found among the Editors pick on CUSTOMER THINK a total of 4 times!

    As of January, Buyer Insight’s research into buying process and other trends in modern buying is to be syndicated by The B2B Marketing Zone.

  • Guess Who Is Now Funding The Organization?

    Guess Who Is Now Funding The Organization?

    The credit crunch forced businesses to look for new ways to access funding for their business.  Enter procurement – the organisations new banker!

    You will be surprised by our research into the role of the professional buyer in managing working capital.  However, reading the article you will discover a number of sales strategies that procurement’s new focus on liquidity can present.

  • Can You See Your Deals In 3D?

    Can You See Your Deals In 3D?

    A new framework provides you with a 3D view of even the most complex deal. That means you can maximize your chances of sales success.

    We have analyzed 1000’s of buying decisions, grouping them in terms of complexity and identifying common patterns and consistent decision making variables.

    Although the research runs to 1000’s of pages, its overall results can be presented in an easy to communicate 3D framework. It says that any buying decision can be analysed along 3 dimensions, as shown in the diagram below.

    3D Selling

    To find out just how powerful the model is visit Buyer Insights.

  • Featured In Today’s Newspaper

    Featured In Today’s Newspaper

    The level of interest in how buying decisions are made is on the rise. This is evident from the reaction we get to our occasional articles in the national media.

    Our latest expert column looks at the role of the head and the heart in buying decisions and what it means for sellers.

    To quote from the article:

    ‘Although organisations are increasingly structured and sophisticated in their buying, for as long as people are involved in making decisions there will inevitably be an element of human fallibility and risk in terms of how decisions are made.’

    ‘Confident buying decisions must intuitively feel right for the buyer. It is not enough that the cost-benefit analysis shows the right numbers and all the information has been evaluated thoroughly.’

    ‘It is our job to help the buyer vividly imagine increased personal and professional success, whether that means more sales, more savings or any other goals. If the buyer can’t imagine your solution in their business, sales will be slow to grow.’

    To read the newspaper article click here, or read the more detailed original research on our Buyer Insights portal.

  • Join Us For The Next Sales Institute Event

    Join Us For The Next Sales Institute Event

    The ASG Group’s Ray Collis and John O Gorman are guest speakers at the next Sales Institute Leadership event on 5th December. It is a quick look between the covers of their new book due for early 2013 – Tidalwave Selling.

    Click on the image below to download the event programme, or click here to book through the Institute.

    Sales Leaders Series - Tidalwave Selling

  • What Do You Want Your Team Saying After Your Next Sales Training Event/Workshop?

    What Do You Want Your Team Saying After Your Next Sales Training Event/Workshop?

    We had the pleasure of spending a day with over 45 salespeople from the global sales force of a NASDAQ listed company recently. Our task was to energize the team and to impart some new sales skills that would help underpin specific sales objectives for 2013.

    How did the event go? Well, we will let the comments on the post event feedback forms tell the story – they are shown above in word cloud format (thanks to Wordle.net).

    More important still, is the fact that the audience set specific objectives on the day with respect of individual and sales team performance. Each person built a one page plan for new activity over the next 30-60 days, including a target for new leads/contacts generated and new prospects met.

    As the graph below shows almost half of those attending suggested that the impact on sales performance of the items covered in the workshop was at least 10%. The other half of those attending put the expected impact on sales performance at between 5 and 10%.

    Sales Training Impact

    If you would like to achieve similar results for your sales team please contact us.

    We worked very closely with senior management over the weeks leading up to the event – pulling people together from different markets is expensive – it was critical that the event was planned very carefully.

    We completed a best practice comparison across the entire sales team due to attend, mapping the areas of best practice which challenged them most. Then we built an interactive day-long sales training workshop to tackle the areas that the team and the team’s managers felt could deliver the greatest impact on sales performance in 2013 and 2014.

  • The ASG Group Makes The CustomerThink Top 10

    The ASG Group Makes The CustomerThink Top 10

    One of The ASG Group’s recent research pieces on The Psychology Of Modern Buying has been selected among the top recommended reads by prominent US based sales and marketing website CustomerThink.

    The selected article titled ‘48 Shades Of Grey In Buying‘ is one of a series examining the bounds of rationality in the corporate buying decision and in particular the impact of emotion on the decision.

    It was personally selected for the weekly TOP 10 by Bob Thompson the Founder/CEO of CustomerThink.

    To read the article click here. To see the full series visit the home of buyer research – Buyer Insights by The ASG Group.

  • Planning A New Year Pipeline Workout or Sales Kick Off?

    Planning A New Year Pipeline Workout or Sales Kick Off?

    According to research from the US Calorie Control Council, the traditional holiday dinner with turkey and all the trimmings can amount to a whopping 4,500 calories! Little wonder many of us make New Year resolutions to work out in the gym. Now you may think: what has that to do with sales and sales performance? Well, many sales pipelines could do with a new year workout too!

    Fighting The Flab In Your Pipeline

    Start the new year with a new pipeline, as well as a new waistline. In particular removing the fat from the pipeline, in terms of a more rigorous approach to pre-qualification, forecasting and closing. Exploring new ways of pipeline management, including deal behaviors, pipeline reviews, bid-no bid processes and win-loss reviews.

    The Pipeline Workout

    Recently we brought 24 people together for 7 hours to work on advancing their key deals and a general all round pipeline workout. Before they entered the workshop those participating had rated their confidence with; closing, pre-qualification, forecast accuracy at lowly 3 to 5 out of 10.

    Here is a profile of the group’s tendering/bidding activity:
    Avg. Order Value:   €37k*
    Avg. Customer Value:   €670k
    Proposals/Tenders Last Quarter:   43 (both public and private sector selling)
    Win Rates:   28% Private, 18% Public
    Avg. Years Sales Experience:   10 years

    Boosting Closing Success

    As they left these confidence ratings in respect of key pipeline opportunities had jumped to 7/8 out of 10. What is more important is that their estimates of closing success had jumped by up to 30%. In less than a day they had reshaped not only the pipeline, but their attitudes and motivations too!

    The Workout

    During the workshop we helped participants apply tools to reshape their pipeline and more importantly to advance key deals. That included:

    • Writing down inflated opportunities.
    • Deciding to focus their energies on those opportunities which promised the greatest chances of a win.
    • Identifying early warning signals that a deal may be in trouble.
    • Agreeing actions to advance key opportunities.

    During the course of the day salespeople implemented strategies which they expected would deliver anywhere from a 15-30% improvement in closing rates.

    Why It Works

    What makes our approach different and so particularly effective is the new levels of insight into the way modern buying decisions are being made. Our workshops have been developed with the help of those who read seller’s proposals and listen to seller pitches – professional buyers. When it comes to the pipeline workout they are the ultimate fitness instructors.

    Our extensive buyer research has revealed how buying decisions are actually made. That is the full implications of how buying decisions are made in the post credit crisis market environment of slashed budgets, shifting priorities and increased competition.

    We say revealed because it is generally a secret kept from salespeople. Buyers generally like to play their cards close.

    If you would like to find out how our deal closing clinics/workshops can help reshape your pipeline in 2014/2015 please contact us.

    Read the next one of this sales training article series:
    What Do You Want Your Team Saying After Your Next Sales Training Event/Workshop?

  • New Buyer Insights Widget Launched

    New Buyer Insights Widget Launched

    The ASG Group has just launched a new widget to enable web administrators and bloggers to share our Buyer Insights content with their readers.

    The Buyer Insights Widget provides fresh content to content-hungry websites. It lists our latest research, with click-through links for the reader. A snapshot of the widget is shown below:

    Buyer Insights Widget

    You will see the widget on the Right hand side of this page. To add it to your website simply click on the ‘Get Widget’ button. Then copy the code provided and paste it to your site.

  • Our Sales Article In The Irish Independent

    Our Sales Article In The Irish Independent

    The ASG Group’s John O Gorman had written a sales article about how to re-ignite stalled deals, which was published in the Irish Independent on 18th October 2012.
    You can read the full article below.

    How To Avoid Saying Goodbye To That Sale

    In these tough economic times, spare a thought for salespeople. It’s their job to get people to spend in an environment where almost everything else – from the limited availability of credit to the turmoil in international markets – is telling them to save.

    Deals can stall suddenly. Salespeople often struggle to understand what’s happening. The seller can feel helpless – should an attempt be made to revive the deal, or should they come to terms with its loss and move on?

    Re-igniting a stalled deal is slow and time-consuming. It’s important to assess the causes and to understand if they can be addressed.

    1. Some requirements of the organization’s buying process have not, or cannot, be met.
    2. Some aspect of the justification or rationale for the purchase does not stack up. The bottom line is that the rationale for the purchase is not sufficiently clear or compelling.
    3. One or more key stakeholders have not offered the project their full support, or the project lacks a powerful sponsor.

    It takes a particular skill to re-ignite a deal. Typically, the seller’s features and benefits won’t do it. Even a reduction in price may not be enough.

    The seller who wants to re-ignite a stalled deal must also help the buyer to build the rational economic justification for the purchase, tick all the boxes in terms of the buyer’s internal buying process and address any misunderstandings, conflicts or concerns on the part of key stakeholders.

    Most importantly, the seller needs to work on the inherent momentum of the deal. They need to demonstrate why a decision is in the best interests of the buyer, or buying organization at this time. As sellers, we often see the buyer’s decision as the choice between competing suppliers.

    In an era of budget cuts and scarce resources, the real competition is another project, a decision to do it in-house or to do nothing at all. Communicating a competitive advantage over other suppliers is not nearly enough.

    Behind most buying decisions is a more fundamental business decision. The seller must work on the compelling reason (a business case) not just to buy, but to buy now.

    The business case addresses the five key levers of the buying decision, including:

    1. Costs and benefits.
    2. Risk (financial, technical, project, supplier).
    3. Strategic fit (how the decision stacks up against competing projects, fits with other goals or strategies).
    4. Compliance.
    5. Politics.

    The seller must be able to communicate, even calculate, the implications for the buyer of a stalled or scrapped buying decision.

    Sellers are not helpless in the face of a stalled deal. The deal can be re-ignited by helping the buyer to build that compelling business case for the purchase.

  • Why Deals Stall – Our Research Goes Global

    Why Deals Stall – Our Research Goes Global

    One of the most popular B2B Sales Training Blogs from the US has just posted an interview with The ASG Group’s John O Gorman and Ray Collis on the subject of stalled deals.

    The interviewer Dave Stein of ES Research Group asked Ray and John the following searching questions:

    1. Why are deals getting stalled?

    2. Are sellers helpless to re-ignite stalled deals?

    3. How can sellers find new ways to shape the buyer’s decision?

    4. How can sellers write proposals that get deals approved?

    You can find the answers by clicking here:

    Why Are Deals Stalling and What Can You Do About It?

    Here is the conclusion drawn from the interview:

    ‘The seller is not helpless in the face of a stalled deal. The deal can be re-ignited by helping the buyer to build a compelling business case for the purchase. If he or she is to succeed the seller will also need to help the buyer to navigate the requirements of the organization’s buying process and build stakeholder support.’

    If you would like to hear more about our Sales Training and Opportunity Management Programmes please contact us.

  • The Factors That Determine Accurate CRM Reporting

    The Factors That Determine Accurate CRM Reporting

    Many organizations are not getting the level of sales reporting that is required from their CRM systems.  That has an impact on sales performance in many ways.


    From our research the ability to generate quality reports from a CRM system depends on 5 factors with the key questions that arise for each. We have also added some suggested actions/strategies.

    1. Level of Data quality/accuracy

    Here are some questions to consider:

    • If you took 20 opportunities at random how many do you think would be 100% filled out / accurate?
    • What gaps might there be?
    • How much work would be required in bringing all opportunities/orders data to 100% accuracy?
    • Are there any fields missing for capturing essential information for reporting?

    ACTION: Review sample of opportunities/orders entered in system within workshops with managers.


    2. Report Templates/Tools/Formats

    Here are some questions to consider:

    • Are the required reporting tools and templates available within the system at this time?  
    • Is the required dashboard and other information available?
    • Are key metrics, such as conversion and win rates visible?
    • Is it easy to compare results across time periods, product / business lines, teams and individual salespeople?

    ACTION:  Review system reports versus system definition.  Compare system generated report side by side with manual reporting formats.


    3. Skills & Capabilities

    Here are some questions to consider:

    • Do managers and team members have the skills needed to update opportunities or orders within the system?  
    • How effectively can people use the system to manage and progress opportunities?  That goes beyond entering data, to asking questions such as ‘are we selling to the decision maker?’
    • What is the profile of the skills that a users needs to have (e.g. must be able to create an opportunity, a campaign, etc.)?
    • Who is struggling with the system and how proficient are they with computers and software generally?
    • Should there be certification of skills and training for system users?

    ACTION: Training and one to one support to those who need more confidence or skill in using the system


    4. Culture

    Here are some questions to consider:

    • Is everybody bought into the need for reporting of the system?  
    • Are there consequences for not keeping the system up to date?  
    • Have any genuine concerns about the system and its usage been listened to?
    • Does senior management use the system?
    • Is the system referred to and used in sales and customer service team meetings, etc?
    • Are account / opportunities reviews, as well as staff reviews conducted with reference to the system?
    • Are commission paid based on data in the system?
    • Are there clear goals for system adoption/usage?


    ACTION:  Consultation and engagement with staff to embed the system in the way that the company does business.


    5. System Administration

    Is there ongoing admin of the system in terms of ensuring standard usage, data quality, as well as support to users in terms of resolving technical issues, or sharing time consuming system-related activities?

    ACTION:  Feedback from managers and users in respect of system admin support in 4 above.


    If you would like system-independent advice in delivering a sales advantage from CRM please contact us.

    Our SellerNAV software will enable you to assess the sales impact that CRM can and should have in your business.

  • The ASG Group Supporting Shay Murtagh Expansion into UK

    The ASG Group Supporting Shay Murtagh Expansion into UK

    Shay Murtagh Precast announced a major expansion last week with the creation of 41 jobs for their specialist precast capability. Speaking at the announcement Ciaran Murtagh, managing director of Shay Murtagh said: “The tunnel infrastructure sector has been a key area of focus for our company over the past number of years and we are delighted to be in a position today where we have created 41 new jobs and a significant new growth initiative.”

    “We have invested a lot of energy in a strategic and focused expansion into the UK infrastructure market. The solid expansion plan has provided a platform for growth,” said Murtagh.

    Shay Murtagh expansion creating 41 jobs in IrelandThanking Enterprise Ireland and The ASG Group for their support over the past number of years, Ciaran highlighted the importance of the international sales development support provided by The ASG Group as a key accelerator of sales success to date.

    Speaking at the announcement Jobs Minister Richard Bruton said export-focused companies like Shay Murtagh were central to the Government’s jobs and growth strategy.

    “Manufacturing must be a particular focus as we seek to create the jobs we need, and last week we announced the establishment of a manufacturing development forum which will report back within six months on specific measures which we can take to develop this sector,” said Bruton.

  • Sales Training Workshop July 11th – Unlocking Stalled Deals

    Sales Training Workshop July 11th – Unlocking Stalled Deals

    When traditional selling meets sophisticated buying, problems arise, deals get stalled and sales performance is called into question.

    On July 11th, The Sales Institute of Ireland are hosting a half day sales performance development workshop featuring four internationally recognized speakers who will discuss:

    • How Underestimating the Buying Decision Results in Lost Sales
    • How to Prepare for & Successfully Pitch Today’s Busy Buyers
    • Approaches to Make Your Next Sales Presentation More Effective
    • The Importance of Understanding the Social Sales Cycle

    The sales training workshop provides a great opportunity for sales managers and sales people to improve their prequalification, forecasting and closing.

    We have been asked to contribute to this event. John O’ Gorman will take the stage to discuss the real psychology of the buyer, how to accelerate the sale and why the often hidden steps and stages of the buying process matter. He will also discuss the emergence of cross-functional buying teams and the implications for sales succes.

    This event will be held in the UCD Smurfit Business School from 08:30 until 12:30 and is free to attend for members of the Sales Institute.

    For more information click here.



    As you may know The ASG Group’s Ray Collis and John O Gorman have a new book due out in Quarter 1, 2013. It is called:

    TIDALWAVE SELLING – The 12 Megatrends In Buying That Shape Your Sales Success.

    Today we received a draft of the cover artwork (shown above) and we’d like to know what you think.

    Here is how the book is described on the back cover:

    ‘As salespeople we have got used to stalled buying decisions,
    competitive tendering, complex buying processes, supplier
    concentration, and so on. But do we really understand them?

    This book is aimed at helping you to understand the 12 mega trends,
    or TIDALWAVES in buying. Why? Because they determine if your
    sales team will sink or swim.

    To put it more simply – your future commission cheques depend on
    how quickly you recognise and adapt to the key changes in
    modern buying.’

    We would appreciate any feedback on the cover design. If you would like to register your interest in a copy of the book when it is released please click here.

  • International Sales Expansion

    International Sales Expansion

    There is nothing more exciting than entering a new market. Of course a new market brings with it danger too, or to be more precise the high levels of risk and costs associated with market entry.

    Over the past two weeks we have helped almost 80 companies prepare their executives for entering a new market. The markets ranged from France to Brazil and the industries from Engineering to Food, but the challenges were the same. How to get off the ground as quickly as possible.

    We helped the new executives to pin-point where they were likely to face the greatest challenges. For some it was identifying potential customers and getting in the door, for others it was being taken seriously at the tendering stage and for others it was generating the momentum to get the deal across the line.

    The best piece of advice for entering any new market is to have your preparation done first. We are happy to say that there are now another 80 organizations that we have helped to apply this principle.