Accelerating sales skills

Want to sharpen your team’s sales skills?

The ASG Group provides B2B sales training to impact on sales performance and results.

The ASG Group provides advanced sales training for high performing teams:

  • Tailored to the specific sales challenges facing your team through the use of industry leading sales assessments.
  • Focused on targets – on what is required to meet your sales objectives/gaps.
  • Focused on the requirements of selling to today’s more demanding buyers (based on our industry-leading buyer research & publications).
  • Blending one to one coaching with skills development workshops.
  • Employing a powerful approach called action or results based learning.

We are one of the few global providers to the celebrated International Selling Programme, or IBM Sales University and focus on bespoke hi-impact sales training to achieve measurable results.

Sales Training Topics/Courses include:

  • Overcoming the procurement challenge
  • Selling to demanding buyers – Selling in 3D
  • Opportunity management & pre-qualification
  • Bid/no bid processes & the competitive tender
  • Key account management and development
  • Deal coaching
  • Win/loss reviews
  • Proposal and tender development
  • Winning access to senior level decision makers
  • Making your proposition more compelling

To learn more about our sales training programmes please contact us.

sales training by the asg group