Looking for a accelerate sales strategy & performance?

Getting organization-wide agreement about what must be done to accelerate sales performance is a challenge. Even if there is agreement, translating it into action can be frustrating and time-consuming.

The Sales Strategy Pitstop® is an accelerated process to:

  1. Drive revenue growth by up-to 12%.
  2. Pin-point the key priorities, or opportunities for growth.
  3. Highlight gaps, or potential barriers in terms of sales skills, systems or process.
  4. Focus attention on key sales performance metrics and goals.
  5. Benchmark their sales organization against peers.
  6. Rethink the drivers of sales performance improvement.

The Pitstop is a proprietary licensed framework based on extensive research into sales best practice and underpinned by sales assessments and predictive sales analysis.   To find out more visit the Sales Strategy Pitstop® website.


the sales strategy pitstop