Sales Conference and Key Note Speaking

The ASG Group delivers key note speaking to international sales teams as part of quarterly reviews, sales training programmes and sales kick offs. Sellers throughout the world are affected by the shift in modern day buying. Our key note engagements are based on our research with buyers.

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Shift In Modern Buying – Driving Your Sales Growth

As you are all too aware modern buying in large organizations has become more process driven and even scary at times. How your customers now buy has implications for the effectiveness of every aspect of selling and in particular your win rates.

Let The Buying Revolution Programme help your sales team!

The next generation of sales techniques are grounded in the realities of modern buying.

Key note addresses and sales team workshop topics include:

  • The Complex Buying Process – Buyers from major organizations revealing their inner secrets on their buying process.
  • Why Buyers Buy: The Business Case – Sales surprises and stalled deals can be prevented with a greater understanding of what buyers want.
  • Buyer friendly sales techniques that enable sellers to boost win rates.

Each programme participant will be provided with a copy of The B2B Sales Revolution™ together with tools to help them:

  1. Pre-qualify more effectively – a tool to help pre-qualify opportunities (based on the buying process).
  2. Improve sales pitches and proposals – a tool to help build a compelling business case.
  3. Spot early warning signals – a tool to pin-point tell tale signs that the sale may be in trouble.
  4. Know when to walk away – a tool to help participants determine if their organization is Ready, Willing and Able to propose and if not, when to walk away.
  5. Boost closing & negotiation success – a tool to test if the deal is ready to be closed.

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