The Buyer’s ‘Should-Cost’ Estimate

The Buyer’s ‘Should-Cost’ Estimate

Why Knowing & Shaping The Buyer’s Earliest Price Estimate Is Key To Your Success?

Few buyers approach the purchase decision without some estimate of what they are likely to have to spend. That estimate, whether it is well informed, or not, has a major impact on eventual price negotiations with the seller.

If the seller loses the opportunity to shape the buyer’s ‘should-cost estimate’ he, or she runs the risk of losing margin, or perhaps even losing the sale.

However, finding out what the buyer thinks your solution ‘should-cost’ is not as easy as it sounds. That is because buyers don’t want to tell sellers what they plan to spend.

This whitepaper provides you with the tools and tips you need to find out and influence the buyer’s ‘should-cost’ estimate.

The Buyer's Should-Cost Estimate
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