A Week in the Life of The ASG Group

A Week in the Life of The ASG Group

Behind the scenes at The ASG Group

Last week was an exciting as any other week at The ASG Group.  Looking at what happened during the week is a good way of understanding our work on driving sales perofrmance/potential (and why we love it).


Monday began with delivering a ‘Buying Process – Opportunity Clinic’ Workshop on the accredited International Selling Programme for high potential exporters.  Incidentally this programme is credited with being the first degree qualification for sales worldwide). This was our 5th year on the international delivery panel for the programme and stems from our ground-breaking research into corporate buying decisions.

Participants began the day by describing how their buyers in the various international markets had changed and outlined their objectives for the workshop which included: understanding what the buyer was doing / going to do, how to prevent shocks/surprises with key deals and most notably how to accelerate their sales cycles.

They worked on deals throughout the day – looking at them from the buyer perspective, including buying process, the buying team and the business case.  There were some real ‘ah-ha!’ moments throughout the day with people moving up or down their confidence regarding key deals as a result of the insights gleaned.

Over 30 business cases were built by the sellers participating – all aimed at building a compelling business justification for their solutions. A highlight of the day was a cogent business case from the sales manager of a Jelly Bean company!

The sellers attending used words such as ‘motivating’, ‘insightful’, ’empowering’, ‘in control’ and ‘revealing’ to sum up the day.


International Graduate hires gathered for a workshop on buyer engagement as they prepared for the launch of their careers a total of 18 different locations around the world.  It was great to be reminded of the enthusiasm of fresh minds.  It was also rewarding  to introduce the mostly marketing minded graduates to a best practice end to end sales process (via our Sales Circuit™) and to get them excited about sales performance.

Midway through a week long induction programme it was a welcome break for the graduates to get up and interact with sales maps and other materials (rather than more powerpoint presentations).  There were some real ‘ah-ha’ moments as people joined the dots in terms of the key steps of the sales process and the key success factors in selling generally.

The afternoon was spent listening to and discussing real prospecting calls.  The word ‘cold calling’ was banned and the focused switched to creative ways to warm up cold calls and to address call reluctance.

Words used by participants to describe how people were feeling during the workshop included; ‘engaged’, ‘seeing clearly’, ‘confident’ and ‘motivated’.


On Wednesday the global sales & marketing team of an aircraft engine leasing company began a two day Sales Strategy Pitstop™.  The objectives included a fine tuning of the end-to-end sales process, a review of the requirements of engaging with professional buyers and looking at ways to maximise the performance of the team.

It wasn’t all sales strategy however, the team took to the racing track in Formula 1 style race cars during the workshop.  This brought an element of fun and excitement to the event as team members accelerated around the track (as you can see from the video below). This really brought the pitstop and formula one methaphor at the core of the Sales Strategy Pitstop® to life.


Thursday was spent with a Global Team of Market Advisors mostly from Asia.  It was facinating sharing experiences from different markets and tailoring Best Practice from North America and Western Europe to the Asian market place.

What does it take to be successful in selling to international markets?  That was the key question of the day, with prespectives and stories shared widely.  We used our powerful Sales Strategy Pitstop® and Sales Circuit™ frameworks to synergize the thinking. It resulted in some real break-throughs, in particular raising awareness to factors that can be easily over-looked.

The afternoon was spent examining sales performance and success from the perspective of the buyer.  There were some ‘light bulb moments’ as the market advisors explored models of buying best practice, as well as real world examples of how buying decisions are made.

With a particular Life sciences opportunity in mind, advisors built a buying process for outsourcing of a range of hospital services. Within 20 minutes there were a total of 12 steps set out.  Little wonder then that the pace of selling has slowed!  Everybody left the workshop vowing to add questions around how the decision would be made, etc. to their standard sales approach.


Friday was a day for The ASG Group team to catch up on things at the office and to prepare for the coming week, including:
– A new project with a UK based Inside sales team in the IT space
– A sales management bench-marking / optimization project with a Tier 1 life and pensions sales team

It was also a day to followup on a Microsoft sponsored sales conference we delivered upon last week.

Then the courier arrived with the first copies of our latest book – ‘ Selling in the Clouds’.   We ended the day by publishing a new piece on ‘The Buyer’s Journey‘ on our Buyer – Seller Insights portal and for syndication across the web.

That’s it!  Another week over.  Next week will be every bit as exciting we are sure! We wish you well driving the perfomance and potential of your team.