Speed Secrets for Sales Managers

Speed Secrets for Sales Managers

Can racing greats like Mario Andretti offer any advice for sales managers? Well, surprisingly the answer is ‘yes’

There are lots of interesting parallels between selling and driving a race car.  Both are concerned with speed and of course with winning .  For the driver the challenge is to get the race car across the line ahead of the competition – for the seller it is about getting the sale/key deal across the line.  For both there can be any number of obstacles along the track and the risk of a crash is always present.

In the first of a series called ‘Sales Manager Speed Secrets‘ we borrow on the advice of racing greats, such as Ross Bently and Mario Andretti, to provide salespeople with valuable tips on how to accelerate the sale.

We start with one of the most important pieces of advice for sales managers: ‘don’t blame the car’  This is a powerful piece of advice for managers and their teams.  You can find out more by clicking here.