How Healthy Is Your Sales Organization?

How Healthy Is Your Sales Organization?

A sales team’s strategy, process or skill-set may not be enough to ensure sustained long term success.  There is another vital ingredient linked to the achievement of almost every KPI in sales, but generally overlooked by sales managers.  It relates to factors such as the cohesiveness, clarity, productivity and motivation and is called your sales team’s organizational health.

How Healthy Is Your Sales Organization?  That sounds like a strange question, but as you will see from an article we published on Buyer-Seller Insights recently it is a very important one.  

Sales teams that suffer from poor organizational health face real challenges such as:

•             People pull in different directions

•             Doubt, anxiety and a lack of confidence

•             Confusion, inertia and fear of change

•             Poor leadership, mixed messages & absence of vision

•             Poor communication, with low levels of openness & trust

•             Fear of change, defensiveness & blame culture

•             High levels of politics and turf-wars or boundary disputes

•             Protectiveness and defensiveness

•             Confusion about roles, rights and responsibilities

•             Poor accountability & reporting

•             Negative internal narrative – ‘bitching and moaning’.

If you would like to discuss your sales organization’s health and how it can be improved, please contact The ASG Group by clicking here.  Read more of our research and insights as it gets published first on Buyer-Seller Insights.