Understanding The Buyer’s Journey

Understanding The Buyer’s Journey

As a sales consulting and research organization The ASG Group is proud of its pioneering research into how buying decisions are made and in particular the implications for the rise of buying processes and procedures for sales people.

For years we have been revealing a more sophisticated approach to buying (all too often hidden from salespeople), such as that evident in following real-world buying process examples:

research into buying processes and procedures


As these examples show, buying decisions are often a lot more complex than sellers at first realize.  They can involve up to 5 stages – many of which do not involve the salesperson.  That has real implications for getting the deal across the line.

We have just published a video on our Buyer’s Journey framework – it is designed to help sellers understand where their customer/prospect is at in their buying process and to use that information to maximize their sales success.  You can find it published on The ASG Group’s research portal (Buyer-Seller Insights)  and syndicated across the web.