Are You Communicating A Compelling Business Case?

Are You Communicating A Compelling Business Case?

Your customers are more obsessed with numbers than ever before.  That makes helping to build the business justification for their buying decision key to winning the sale.

At The ASG Group we have studied the IT Buying Decision in enormous depth over the past 5 years.  Our 2010 book The B2B Sales Revolution revealed a level of sophistication behind IT buying that was new to sellers.  Since then we have continued to add to our research.

We have developed a series of skills workshops with a particular emphasis on the requirements of the Business Case for IT.   These in-company masterclasses typically help sellers to increase deal success by 5-10%

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We also offer training in respect of building the Business Case / ROI for other complex sales solutions in sectors such as Lifesciences, Professional Services and Construction.