30 Million Sellers Are Missing Target!

30 Million Sellers Are Missing Target!

Missing target has become a global pandemic. At this very moment there are up to 30 million salespeople below target.  That is based on Aberdeen Group research which shows that approximately 3 out of 5 of the world’s B2B Salespeople are under-performing.

At The ASG Group we have developed a sales instrument that enables managers to de-risk their sales target and boost sales performance.  That includes:

– Assessing sales targets against a total of 51 risk factors
– Pin-pointing gaps in terms of sales; skills, systems and process that are limiting sales
– Highlighting priorities for the salesperson and calculating how they can boost sales performance.

It does all of the above at an individual, as well as a team level – taking into account the fact that the opportunities and challenges facing each salesperson, or sales team are different.

Because of our unique sales performance management software, called SellerNAV®, these results can be achieved without lengthy meetings, expensive consultantcyprojects and with little, or no lost selling time.

Please contact us if you feel your sales target is at risk.