Looking For Sales Assessment Tools?

Looking For Sales Assessment Tools?

Assessments are increasingly popular among sales managers and their teams.  But many sales assessment tools are more focused on defining the problem, than identifying the solution.  That is important to keep in mind if you are looking for a sales assessment tool.

The ASG Group’s assessment tool called SellerNAV™ is not just a symptomatic diagnosis. It does not just tell you that you are faced with poor conversion rates, longer sales cycles and stalled deals. These are the symptoms and identifying them is not enough if you are not told what you can to do about them.

Want a sales assessment that looks beyond the problem to the solution?

SellerNAV™ diagnoses the underlying causes of the challenges faced by your sales team. It looks beyond symptoms to focus attention on what needs to be done.

Yes it will indicate if people are not doing enough sales leads or meetings to meet their target, it will also tell you people see as the conversion rates at these and other stages.  But SellerNAV™ goes further – it will:

– Tell you how many; leads, meetings, opportunities, etc are required to fill any particular sales gap.

– Pin-point the strategies that will deliver the results you need and will actually calculate the impact that specific improvements could have on your sales number.

To find out more visit our SellerNAV™ website or contact us.