A Sneak Peak At Our Next Book

A Sneak Peak At Our Next Book

TidalWave Selling – our next book – has been in development now for well over a year.  Soon it will be due for publication and we believe it will cause quite a stir.   To get a sneak preview you can download an abstract by clicking here.

We presented key parts of TidalWave Selling message to an audience of 40 seasoned salespeople in a low key event recently and the reaction was great.

‘ A real eye-opener…’

‘It enabled me to put a name on some of the trends that I have seen happening among my customers and to understand what is really motivating them.’

‘These trends are certainly happening among our customers – that is for sure.  However, what I found most interesting about today (the TidalWave Selling presentation) was the focus on how these trends can play in the salesperson’s favor – that is if he’s ready for them’.

‘At first I thought – I am not selling to big organizations, nor am I selling to organizations that are sophisticated about procurement.  This made me realize that the companies that I sell to will have to adopt some of these practices if they are to survive and grow…’

‘I found myself beginning to think like a professional buyer – to see the world from their perspective – the challenges they face, the metrics they use and so on.  It gave me a much better understanding of what makes the buyer tick and as a result how I can sell more effectively to them…’

To get a sneak preview of the topics that TidalWAVE selling will address you can download an abstract here.  We believe that as much as 80% of the content and topics in the book will have been published for the first time in any sales book.

TidalWave Selling marks another landmark in The ASG Group’s ongoing research into the trends in modern buying that matter to sellers.  This research is key to the methodology that underpins the SellerNAV™ sales performance mapping solution.  More of this research can be see at Buyer Insights.