The ASG Group Launches: SellerNav® -The GPS for B2B Sales

The ASG Group Launches: SellerNav® -The GPS for B2B Sales

SellerNav® – The GPS for B2B Sales Launched at the Sales Institute Summer Skills Series
Dublin – July 11th 2013 – The ASG Group announced today that it launched SellerNAV: The GPS for B2B Sales to help sales team create more star performers, increase sales and reduce the level of risk around sales targets.

“Our customers are looking to find new ways to improve sales performance while building upon their existing talent management and sales performance tools” said John O’ Gorman CEO of The ASG Group.

New Product Launch

It is not easy being a sales manager/director right now with research suggesting that up-to 62% of B2B sales people do not reach their targets. “SellerNAV® addresses this pressure. It allows a manager link a change in process behaviour to an impact on the bottom line. SellerNav® will operate at the intersection of two critical areas of B2B sales; sales performance improvement and talent management “said O’ Gorman.

“SellerNav® is the culmination of over three and a half years of work said Ray Collis. According to Collis, early releases of SellerNAV® have been fine tuned and validated with over 1100 sales people from some of the largest sales organisations in the world, including 2 NASDAQ listed sales organizations and teams from one of the top 10 professional engineering firms in the world.

About SellerNAV

SellerNAV® allows managers, sales people, as well as professionals that sell, to set their sales target as the destination, see the steps that are required to achieve it and the potential roadblocks along the way. The cloud based application generates a unique profile of each salesperson’s sales performance and potential in the form of an interactive sales map.

Imagine that a sales manager/sales executive could go to google maps and type in, not an address, but a sales target (be that a team target or a sales person’s target). And then get directions on where to go and how long it would take to get there with the potential behavioural and process roadblocks highlighted on the way. That is exactly what SellerNAV® does.

John O’ Gorman, CEO of The ASG Group, said, “SellerNav is a game changer for teams selling complex high value solutions. It has the proven ability to provide the link between Sales Process Change (that is methodology agnostic), Performance Improvement, Talent Management and impact on revenue results. Our experiences to date show this tool has the potential to impact revenue results of anywhere from 7-12%”.

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About The ASG Group

The ASG Group works with sales teams in some of the world’s largest companies, including:

  • Global Top 5 Software Company
  • Global Top 5 Customer Engagement and Loyalty Provider
  • Global Top 10 Consulting Engineering Firm
  • Global Top 10 Electronics Manufacturer

In these organizations we work with VPs of Sales, CSO’s, Sales Managers/Directors, Business Development Directors and Practice Leads to accelerate sales performance and deal outcomes. We are recognised as specialists in helping sales team who face increasingly complex buying processes, centralised procurement and competitive tendering to advance key opportunities. SellerNav® is the latest product developed in conjunction with our clients.

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