Reducing The Billions Wasted On Sales Training

Reducing The Billions Wasted On Sales Training

In the United States alone, companies that sell business-to-business spend between $4 and $7 billion on sales training, according to Dave Stein or ES Research, a company that studies the sales training market. However, the results are clearly mixed.


As Nancy Martini put it in the recently published ‘Scientific Selling’ book ‘much (and even most) of the huge expense is wasted’.  At The ASG Group we are committed to ensuring that our clients get the maximum return per dollar spend on sales skills development, coaching and training.

The Prime Cause Of Waste

In Nancy’s words: ‘The failure to correctly diagnose exactly what’s not working in the sales process, sales training and sales technology are only going to make a bad situation worse.’

‘Without precise knowledge of exactly where a team or an individual is failing, then throwing technology and training into the mix is a little like a doctor giving a sick patient a random collection of drugs…’


Maximizing The Return On Training

The ASG Group’s SellerNAV® sales performance solution helps sales managers to identify the precise skills needs of each member of their team.   Moreover, it quantifies the impact on sales of improvements in the areas highlighted.  For more information on SellerNAV® please click here, or please contact us.