A New Investment In Buyer Insights

A New Investment In Buyer Insights

We have just completed a significant investment in our Buyer Insights web portal containing the latest research into changes in corporate buying and their implications for sales success.

The re-vamped Buyer Insights website includes:

  • Improved mobile browser capabilities
  • Lots more eye-catching images 
  • Additional video content
  • More social and sharing features
  • Easier to use menus and improved search facilities
  • We have also updated the sites logo.

Of course it is not just about looks – we have also added lots of new content.

For example, as a result of repeated inquiries we have published more of our buyer psychology research, including:

We have put our 3D Selling Framework (always a key part of our sales performance software) at the core of the site

Now at version 3.1, Buyer Insights has been in existence since 2009. – its content is read by approximately 40,000 people per quarter and is syndicated widely.  It has two roles:

– To provide a window onto some of the science behind our sales performance solution SellerNAV (used by sales managers and teams to identify and exploit hidden sales potential of 7-12%).

– To expand and improve the dialogue between buyers and sellers, and in particular providing the sales community with a better understanding of the new realities of modern buying