Move Over Sales Process, Sales Performance Management Is Here!

Move Over Sales Process, Sales Performance Management Is Here!

Sales Managers need a new sales vocabulary for the new year, because a once standard terms like sales process are now ‘so last year’ & outdated.

Type ‘sales process’ into Google and you will get 299m results back. That is a lot, but it is just one third of the number of results that a search for the term ‘sales performance’ will return.

‘sales performance management’ = 115m results
‘sales performance process’ = 285m results

Aberdeen defines Sales Performance Management as ‘any process, strategy or initiatives focused on hiring , training, managing or promoting sales staff, in order to achieve optimal performance in revenue attainment and overall sales productivity (Sales Performance Review 2012).

We take a broader view, expanding sales performance to include systems, strategy and process elements. These are inseparable from the people, talent and skills issues in selling. So, our view of Sales Performance is broad one.

Move over sales process, sales performance management is here…

Sales Performance is going to be one of the big issues in sales for 2013, but do you have a Sales Performance Management plan?

Such a plan would include an ‘as is’ and a ‘should be’ view of your sales organization as the year begins, with goals in respect of key metrics for your sales team (ranging from levels of new business development activity, to win rates) and specific skills, strategy, systems and process changes to make it happen.

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