Featured In Today’s Newspaper

Featured In Today’s Newspaper

The level of interest in how buying decisions are made is on the rise. This is evident from the reaction we get to our occasional articles in the national media.

Our latest expert column looks at the role of the head and the heart in buying decisions and what it means for sellers.

To quote from the article:

‘Although organisations are increasingly structured and sophisticated in their buying, for as long as people are involved in making decisions there will inevitably be an element of human fallibility and risk in terms of how decisions are made.’

‘Confident buying decisions must intuitively feel right for the buyer. It is not enough that the cost-benefit analysis shows the right numbers and all the information has been evaluated thoroughly.’

‘It is our job to help the buyer vividly imagine increased personal and professional success, whether that means more sales, more savings or any other goals. If the buyer can’t imagine your solution in their business, sales will be slow to grow.’

To read the newspaper article click here, or read the more detailed original research on our Buyer Insights portal.