What Do You Want Your Team Saying After Your Next Sales Training Event/Workshop?

What Do You Want Your Team Saying After Your Next Sales Training Event/Workshop?

We had the pleasure of spending a day with over 45 salespeople from the global sales force of a NASDAQ listed company recently. Our task was to energize the team and to impart some new sales skills that would help underpin specific sales objectives for 2013.

How did the event go? Well, we will let the comments on the post event feedback forms tell the story – they are shown above in word cloud format (thanks to Wordle.net).

More important still, is the fact that the audience set specific objectives on the day with respect of individual and sales team performance. Each person built a one page plan for new activity over the next 30-60 days, including a target for new leads/contacts generated and new prospects met.

As the graph below shows almost half of those attending suggested that the impact on sales performance of the items covered in the workshop was at least 10%. The other half of those attending put the expected impact on sales performance at between 5 and 10%.

Sales Training Impact

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We worked very closely with senior management over the weeks leading up to the event – pulling people together from different markets is expensive – it was critical that the event was planned very carefully.

We completed a best practice comparison across the entire sales team due to attend, mapping the areas of best practice which challenged them most. Then we built an interactive day-long sales training workshop to tackle the areas that the team and the team’s managers felt could deliver the greatest impact on sales performance in 2013 and 2014.