How To Change Unwanted Deal Behaviours

How To Change Unwanted Deal Behaviours

What we tell ourselves about why a deal was lost matters. Not only to how we feel about it, but what we learn from it and its impact on our longer term success.

How a seller explains a stalled or lost deal is very important, not only to closing that deal but to future deals. However, an off-the-cuff or facile explanation of why a deal was lost is not enough. Writing and editing the narrative of the lost or stalled deal is vital to long term sales success.

Editing the narrative of a lost deal can, according to the latest research in modern psychology, change the fundamental sales behaviours and strategies of the salesperson. In this way it can have a sustained impact on long term sales performance.

The modern approach to diary writing has the potential to not only alter how we see a situation but more fundamentally to deliver sustained change in our attitudes and behaviour. This is a principle we adopt in re-igniting stalled deals and tackling patterns of behaviour that contribute to lost deals.

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