New Research On How Buyers Buy Promises Increased Sales Success

New Research On How Buyers Buy Promises Increased Sales Success

The buying decision is of major interest to salespeople. But all too often it is clouded in mystery. In a series of recent research papers and insights The ASG Group has been shedding new light on how buying decisions are really made. The objective is to help sellers use this knowledge to increase their sales performance.

Salespeople are trained in selling without reference to how buyers buy and in particular to how decisions are made. More than any psychologist the salesperson needs to understand what the buyer is thinking and what happens when a decision is made. Success in closing the sale requires it.

A new series of insights on The ASG Group’s Buyer Insights portal brings the very latest brain research and the study of human decision making to winning the sale. It explores the complex balance between logic and emotion in modern buying.

As the research points out, sellers need to understand the rise of the economic buyer and the emphasis on the cost benefit analysis. Yet they also need to understand that buyers are rarely 100% logical and analytical in their decisions. That means they need to blend logic and emotion in how they sell.

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