Your Evangelist Of Value

Your Evangelist Of Value

Your product marketing manager is the evangelist for your product and its value. So, maybe it is time to reinvest in product marketing. It may also be time to review the job description of your product marketing manager.

It is the product marketing manager’s job to reflect the needs of the market, the gaps in terms of competition and the vision of your product with a compelling sales/marketing message for your key chosen segments.

The reality is that it is not about the best product, but the best combination of product and marketing that wins.

Without the right marketing wrap (messaging, branding, etc.) there is the risk of underselling your solution. One test of the success of the product marketing role would be as follows:

If your company’s message and materials (when devised) were put put along side collateral material from 5 of the competitors, would it immediately jump out?

The Product Marketing Manager’s most important role is in communicating and substantiating your value. This is just one of the reasons why he/she is a key member of your sales and marketing team.

We pulled together a number of product marketing job descriptions advertised recently to create this composite view of the role. You might find this useful in identifying and prioritizing those aspects of product marketing important to sales that could be revamped.