It’s Time To Invest In Some New Sales Techniques

It’s Time To Invest In Some New Sales Techniques

The old adage ‘if you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you got’ applies as much to selling as any other area. With the quickening pace of marketplace change there is a requirement for new sales techniques and skills.

In particular ones that will help sellers to cope with the requirements of today’s more demanding buyer, as well as the rise of the competitive tender.

Millions and Millions of Sales Techniques

Search Google and you will find more than 46 million results for sales techniques. You will find another 1.3 million pages of closing techniques. The quest for the ultimate sales technique continues. But are sales techniques the answer? Well, most of them (over 45 million pages of them) are not.

There is a fundamental problem: the more sales techniques that are in use, the more the sales stereotype is reinforced and the more weary buyers are of sellers. In short, sales techniques damage buyer trust.

The Counter Sales Techniques Movement

On the other hand, there is a counter-movement that spurns techniques, in favour of a more sophisticated approach to getting the order. There is mounting evidence that many traditional sales techniques are counter-productive.

Indeed, if you want to be mistaken for every other salesperson, then use the traditional sales techniques. Just don’t expect the buyer to treat you any different to the mass of salespeople waiting at their door. In particular, don’t expect to be treated as an expert, or a trusted advisor. Here is the equation:

Sales Techniques = Stereotypical Sales Person = Little, or No Trust!

Buyers are increasingly wary of self-serving sales techniques. In particular, crude and manipulative sales techniques are a cancer in terms of buyer trust, with closing techniques often being the most malignant of such cancers.

The reality is that traditional sales techniques, just like traditional salespeople, have little of value to offer buyers. They don’t make the buying decision any easier and certainly not the business decision that underpins it. That is because sales techniques stop far short of building the business case, or navigating the buying process.

The Ultimate Sales Technique Is Not A Sales Technique

The counter sales technique movement therefore seeks to transition from the use of sales techniques to an approach that is more authentic, expertise driven and consultative. The most effective sales techniques is not a sales technique at all. Ironically, it has more to do with buying than selling. It is helping the buyer to buy.

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