Tackling Price Discounting

Tackling Price Discounting

We spend an increasing amount of time talking with sellers about their numbers. That is because we see poor maths as a key reason for excessive discounting, not to talk about lost, or stalled deals.

Buyers are increasingly numbers obsessed. They quickly do the numbers on our quotes and proposals. There is a problem however – their calculator looks like the one shown in the diagram.

As far as most sellers are concerned, the only key actively used by today’s buyers is the minus or subtract key. That is because for most buyers their only engagement with sellers around numbers is to cut price and slash margins. That is the maths challenge at the core of selling.

To cut back on the level of price discounting sellers need to change on how buyers do their maths. You can read more about this challenge on our Buyer Insights portal.

Please contact us if you would like to explore ways in which your sales team can reduce price discounting.