Why Do You Need To Know The Buying Steps?

Why Do You Need To Know The Buying Steps?

You are determined to find out more about how the buying decision will be made. In particular, you want to know what stage the buyer is at in the decision making process and what else must happen for a decision to be made. More fundamentally you want to confirm that there is actually a buying process under way and that you are not wasting your selling time.

You want to find out about the buyer’s process so that you can tailor your sales approach and so that you know where to focus not just the conversation, but your sales efforts. You also want to pre-qualify the opportunity and more accurately forecast both the chances of closing and the likely timing involved.

Quite simply if you know the buyer has seven steps to follow and he/she is only at step number two, then you will think twice before putting the opportunity in the pipeline for this quarter. Similarly, if you know that the buyer is going to go to RFP (Request For Proposal) you will know to limit your expectations of success and to adjust your strategy accordingly.

But more often than not the buyer is vague in terms of what the buying process is going to entail. He, or she is playing his, or her cards close. You need another means of shedding light out how the decision will be made – you need a copy of the 7 Step Strategic Procurement Model. It can help you to more accurately predict when the deal will close.

For years we have been putting the buyer’s tools in the hands of the seller. Please contact us if you would like to see how you should incorporate them into your next sales training event.