Are You Selling Like Columbus?

Are You Selling Like Columbus?

Notice anything strange about this map? Well, just like the maps that sellers draw for how their customers buy, it is not very accurate.

Most sellers struggle to map out just exactly how their prospects are going to make the buying decision. Indeed, our research shows that they are typically out by 20-30% and that leaves sellers dangerously exposed to shocks and surprises.

10 Steps To Make Your Buying Map More Accurate

We have just posted an insight on our Buyer Insights portal to guide you in more accurately predicting what your prospect is going to do next and in mapping out all the steps that are likely to be involved in the making of the buying decision.

Among the 10 steps you will find there are:

  1. Keep asking questions, continually refining your view of the buyer’s steps. However, be warned simply asking the buyer straight off to detail his/her buying process may result in a blank stare.
  2. Read between the lines of the buyers tender documentation or other communication.
  3. First understand the complexity of the decision – where does it fit in terms of the 4 levels of complexity.
  4. Assess the role of procurement in the organization and which of the 4 procurement styles is likely to be adopted.
  5. Check if the company has a supplier portal, or procurement pages on its website. If it is public sector procurement then check out the appropriate published procedures and regulations.

Find all the 10 steps on Buyer Insights.