Sellers: Don’t Get Caught Offside!

Sellers: Don’t Get Caught Offside!

With Euro Championship fever on the rise, we have been taking advantage of ‘the beautiful game’ to get across some key points about how changes in buying impact on selling.

Offside rules in soccer limit the field of play resulting in penalties for those who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Something similar is happening in selling – where a more strategic approach to buying means sellers are increasingly being caught offside.

In respect of many decisions sellers may be excluded from an increasing part of the play. For example, if a salesperson only gets involed several months into the buying process that means it is close to half time before the salesperson gets onto the pitch.

‘The offside rules have changed and so too has the field of play…’

The seller may end up sitting on the bench while many aspects of the decision are made, for example; should cost estimates, budgets, requirements definition and buying criterion. For the seller who doesn’t get to influence these key elements, what is left only to compete on price?

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