Sales Training Workshop July 11th – Unlocking Stalled Deals

Sales Training Workshop July 11th – Unlocking Stalled Deals

When traditional selling meets sophisticated buying, problems arise, deals get stalled and sales performance is called into question.

On July 11th, The Sales Institute of Ireland are hosting a half day sales performance development workshop featuring four internationally recognized speakers who will discuss:

  • How Underestimating the Buying Decision Results in Lost Sales
  • How to Prepare for & Successfully Pitch Today’s Busy Buyers
  • Approaches to Make Your Next Sales Presentation More Effective
  • The Importance of Understanding the Social Sales Cycle

The sales training workshop provides a great opportunity for sales managers and sales people to improve their prequalification, forecasting and closing.

We have been asked to contribute to this event. John O’ Gorman will take the stage to discuss the real psychology of the buyer, how to accelerate the sale and why the often hidden steps and stages of the buying process matter. He will also discuss the emergence of cross-functional buying teams and the implications for sales succes.

This event will be held in the UCD Smurfit Business School from 08:30 until 12:30 and is free to attend for members of the Sales Institute.

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