The New X Factor In Selling

The New X Factor In Selling

A key success factor for the salesperson in this the age of the demanding buyer is a ability to not just understand but, also to empathize with the buyer. It is the new X Factor in selling and developing it is one of our missions as an organization.

You cannot confidently sell to a buyer that you don’t understand, or connect with a buyer with whom you cannot empathize. Add these ingredients to the salesperson and you greatly boost their sales performance (in some cases by increasing win rates by 30%+).

Developing Buyer Understanding

We have provided 1,000’s of salespeople with a new insight into the realities of modern buying through our articles, books and workshops. We dissect real world buying decisions to reveal their step and stages, information requirements, decision points, and present our detailed behind the scenes research into buying.

However, models, statistics and stories about modern buying can only go so far. That is because an intellectual understanding of the buying decision is no longer enough. The challenge is to help salespeople to internalize the new realities of buying – to really think like a buyer.

Hence the importance of examining our own personal buying experiences (as in the example found here), as well as the buying knowledge and experience of our organization. We call it listening to your inner buyer. Only then does buying become a persona – only then can we really relate to the buyer and really understand his, or her ways.

Click here for a whitepaper on How Empathy Sells, or on the links for articles on leveraging your inner buying wisdom.

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