Sales Process Improvement

Sales Process Improvement

Over the past few weeks we have been working with the sales team of a very large organization to revisit sales priorities, improve sales effectiveness and reinvigorate sales activity. In particular we have been helping managers to rally the entire sales organization around a central set of sales priorities and a new way of doing business.

Here is the challenge the organization faced:

  • 100 salespeople,
  • 16 sales managers,
  • 2 territories,
  • 14 different business units/teams,
  • 1 single set of sales priorities and a desire for change.

Over several months we have helped the organization set about tackling inefficient sales practices and in particular alleviating an admin-heavy sales process that was paper driven. At the core of the project is the optimization of sales process through the implementation of a new sales system and the re-energizing of the sales effort in a challenging market space.

The process involved a goal driven approach to change management, that tapped into widely accepted sales imperatives and involved high levels of workshop consultation and engagement. It involved leadership from the top and push from the bottom combined to make it happen.

Ok, so change isn’t easy, but tackling the barriers to change head on is vital. Everybody’s concerns and fears were listened to and addressed, more importantly their own personal wins from the changes to be made brought to the fore. As countless salespeople told us on the project ‘…I can clearly see how this will help me sell more. What salesperson wouldn’t want that?’. If at least 80 of your 100 salespeople can say that, then the next year’s results are going to be considerably better than the last.