CRM: Using Sales Tools To Really Grow Sales

CRM: Using Sales Tools To Really Grow Sales

Although man has been using tools for almost 2 million years, the average salesperson is only beginning to work with tools, specifically sales tools such as CRM. That is despite a lot of vendor marketing, even hype.

The figures show that while a majority of sales organizations have a CRM system, most of their people are not using them, or at least using them fully. It is unquestionably an impediment to growing sales.

Has Your Sales Organization Got The Tools To Succeed?

Talk to salespeople in organizations that have a poor CRM system, or no system at all and they will spell out the many ways in which it limits their productivity and effectiveness. They include:

  1. Excessive form-filling and time spent on sales report preparation and administration.
  2. Lost opportunities, mislaid leads – leads identified in January may not be systematically followed up in June.
  3. Risk of reduced professionalism (e.g. calling without being able to refer to previous contact).
  4. Business continuity risk (e.g. “what would happen to all the paper based files if there was a fire”).
  5. Impact of staff turnover (i.e. “when a team member moves what they know goes with them”).
  6. Slower ramp up time for new hires – they don’t get handed contact information.
  7. More silo based approach to selling (people in different teams can be overly protective of their lists, or their contacts) resulting in limited cross-selling and up-selling.

Got A Thirst For More Information?

One of the characteristics of organizations where salespeople don’t have access to a good CRM system is ‘a thirst for information’. That is because people often lack such ‘basic’ information as:

  • What happens to leads and sales calls?
  • What deals are in play, or in the pipeline?
  • What leads, contacts, or accounts need to be contacted?
  • Who owns a particular account and what type of account is it (e.g past customer, existing customer, etc.)?
  • If the accounts had previously been targeted, with what result and a record of the intelligence that was gathered in the process?
  • Who the most appropriate contact in the prospect organization is and when they were last contacted or met?

Want To Get More From Your CRM System?

In many organizations sales teams are not getting the most from their CRM systems. In some organizations many salespeople may have stopped using the CRM system at all.

We help organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their CRM systems, addressing gaps in terms of functionality, content and barriers to adoption/usage. Then we help managers and their teams identify how CRM improvements can help them to increase their sales success.

Planning A New CRM System

If you are considering a CRM System, we can help in the following ways:

  • Building the business case around the CRM implementation within the sales organization, that includes setting realistic goals as to what the organization can and will achieve once a system is implemented.
  • We transform an IT decision into a business decision and in particular a decision regarding the future organization of its sales effort.
  • We help sales teams to tailor a new CRM system to their specific sales process requirement, as well as to overcome the challenges to successful rollout/implementation.

It’s Not About Technology!

‘It’s not about technology!’ exclaimed the sales manager in one of our clients companies undergoing a major CRM rollout. We could not agree more.

There are two important points to remember: we don’t sell CRM systems. That means we don’t have a vested interest in promoting any particular vendor. Also we are a sales performance firm, that means we make the CRM decision more about sales and less about technology and we put the salesperson and his/her manager at the core of the system and how it will be used.

We leverage our own powerful Sales Engine framework to help pin-point how your organization can boost sales performance through the use of new/existing CRM software, as well as related sales process and skills improvements.

If you would like to talk to us about the impact of CRM and other tools on sales performance please contact us.