The Business Case Is King

The Business Case Is King

The way Fortune 1000 companies buy is changing. Authors of The B2B Sales Revolution, John O’Gorman and Ray Collis write that in today’s business environment whether a project proceeds, is put on ice or scrapped altogether is determined by one overriding factor – the business case.

“Great idea, let’s do it” is rarely heard from today’s buyers. The best sellers can hope for, “Let’s get a multi-disciplinary team together to develop the business case, then in four to eight months, we can decide if it’s worth doing.”
For sales people, this has three significant consequences:

1. More complex sales cycles, starting earlier and ending later.

2. The involvement of an entire cross-functional team in the purchasing decision and, as a consequence, the need to sell higher and wider within the organisation.

3. The over-arching need to answer to the business case.

In this article, we address the first two realities briefly, before looking in more detail at the unavoidable power of the business case.

Read the full article from Enterprise Ireland’s business magazine, The Market (Vol 07, Issue 05, September 2011) by downloading it in pdf format.