Brian Tracy Gets A Copy Of The B2B Sales Revolution

Brian Tracy Gets A Copy Of The B2B Sales Revolution

The ASG Group’s John O Gorman met with the Business Guru Brian Tracy recently to personally give him a copy of The B2B Sales Revolution™.

While John was at the event he made notes of  some of Brian’s tips that you might find useful:

1. Price isn’t everything – there is No price resistance for perceived quality, this is such an important point and comes back to the real value of the solution you offer

2. Know when you have gone down the wrong road and turn back – are you asking yourself are you on the right road for every sales opportunity you are pursuing

3. A simple question – how often have your customers told you the solution you offer is great?

4. Referrals – when was the last time you asked your customer more a referral – we know the power of the referral but how many of your sales team are asking for them

5. Be careful of feature and benefit selling – no matter what organisations you are in, you need to be asking how does the product/service/solution you offer help the buyer? i.e. improve their working day/week/month

6. A sales person who really thinks during the customer engagement is more valuable to the customer. To think, you need to listen, how much listening do your sales team really do

7. Is your organisation perceived as a specialist in its field? If yes good, if no you need to be

8. Know your numbers, Brian has some great tools and has a list of business numbers to watch (visit his site for them). Do you know the critical numbers that will affect your sales success? What are your conversion rates, how many orders, opportunities, meetings and leads do you need to win an order?

9. Hiring sales people is key to your long term business success, it is costly, and we all have had experiences of this. Can you list out what you want your new sales hire to achieve in their first 100 days?

10. Your sales process, you need one. Does it create a good buying experience? Does it align to the customers buying process?

Here is a link to Brian’s site –